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Episode 20: Ernest Hernandez (King Pelican) interview, spotlight on Texas

Episode 20 features an interview with Ernest Hernandez of King Pelican, and highlights surf and instrumental music from Texas.

Track list:
The Thunderchiefs - "Crystal Beach"
Bobby Fuller Four - "KRLA Top Eliminator"
The String-A-Longs - "Wheels"
Big Guitars From Texas - "Chainsaw"
The Nematoads - "Five Guns West"
Squid Vicious - "Backburner"
Biller & Horton - "Deep Eddy"
The Spoils - "Dead Cat Bounce"
3 Balls Of Fire - "Ulan-Bator"
The Baffles - "Citta Violenta"
Bat City Surfers - "Insomnitron"
The Mag Seven - "Trim"
King Pelican - "El Gallo"
King Pelican - "Stingray"
Los SuperAvengers - "Diablo del Mar"
The Mighty Landshark! - "Devil's Dragstrip"
The Boss Jaguars! - "See & Be Seen"
The Dead Sea - "Water Moccasin"
Teisco Del Rey - "Hermanos Alou"
Tailgators - "Tico Tico"
Don Leady - "Bull Doggin Boogie"
The Reverend Horton Heat - "Victory Lap"
Reverend Organdrum - "Can't Be Still"
The Murgatroyds - "Battra vs. The Cosmos"
Goldbloom - "Legion of Gloom"
The Del-Vipers - "The Angry Man"
Clouseaux - "A Most Excellent Flying Death"

The Cornells - "Lone Star Stomp"
Big Guitars From Texas - "The Lost Incas"
The Nematoads - "Havana Gila"
King Pelican - "Western Satellite"
Los SuperAvengers - "Lydia"
Reverend Organdrum - "Groovin'"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.

Episode 19 w/ guest DJ Richard Hawes: Nicholas Marshall (Ouroboros Boys) interview

Episode 19 features guest host Richard Hawes (of The Mystery Men?) and an interview with Ouroboros Boys' Nicholas Marshall.

Track list:
The Squares - "Landlocked"
MOONBASE - "Stormfield"
Man or Astro-man? - "Of Sex and Demise"
The KBK - "Love Theme For a Twisted Mind"
Jonny and the Shamen - "Vertigo"
The Neanderthals - "Girl On The Moon"
TheĀ Delusionaires - "Theme D'ellusionne"
The Intoxicators - "I Dreamed The Best Part"
Blue Stingrays - "Brave New World"
Ouroboros Boys - "Bikini Atoll"
Ouroboros Boys - "The Corsage"
Aqualads - "Washout"
Dexter Romweber - "The Curse of Little Bastard"
Hula Hounds - "White Wedding"
The Broken Spokes - "The Duel"
Jimmy and The Teasers - "Lovely"
Rocket 350 - "Judge Vicky"
McPherson Struts - "Low Rent Romeo"
Crazy Aces - "The Last Song"

Big Ray and The Futuras - "Astrodesia"

The Space Cossacks - "The Spy Satellite"
The Huntington Cads - "Blue Sounds"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.

Episode 18: The Beech Benders interview

Episode 18 features an interview with The Beech Benders.

Track list:
SEAWHORES - "Agent Detective Man"
Endless Pools - "Again"
The Deadly Fathoms - "Pure Evel"
The Diamondheads - "Jalopy Showdown"
The Diamondheads - "Siesta On The Jersey Riviera"
The Intoxicators! - "The Goat"
Shark Quest - "Lunch At Sara's"
Man or Astro-man? - "A Synthesis Of Previously Unknown Substances"
El Fossil - "Manimal Farm"
The Beech Benders - "Balki's Revenge"
The Beech Benders - "Knowize The Ocean"
The Blacktop Rockets - "Knoxville Slim"
The Blacktop Rockets - "I'm Wild"
Gemini 13 - "Planet Dekker"
Impala - "Venus Flytrap"
Family Dollar Pharaohs - "Silver Crashout"
Danny Morris Band - "Hurry Up, Slow Down"
BEACHMOVER - "Medicine Man"
The Meteor Men - "Tsunami Wax"
The Penetrators - "Melodie's Dilemma"
The Twisters - "Just Before Dawn"

The Deadly Fathoms - "The Creep From The Sea"
The Diamonheads - "Waving"
Shark Quest - "In A Dive"
The Beech Benders - "When The Tide Rolls In"
Impala - "Night Full Of Sirens"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.

Episode 17: The Original Shake Charmers interview

Episode 17 features an interview with Lars Espensen and Jeff Waites of The Original Shake Charmers.

Track list:
The Surge! - "Anasazi"
Crazy Aces - "Modelo Uno"
Banzai Bay - "The Rip"
The Cavefish - "A Boy Named Tsunami"
Cutback - "Voyage Around The Moon"
Crazy Aces - "Surfin' Simon"
The Man From RavCon - "Bounce"
The Man From RavCon - "Competition Stripes"
The Original Shake Charmers - "Phenix City Shake"
The Original Shake Charmers - "I Can't Lose"
The Delusionaires - "The Regrettable Act"
Dick Dale - "The Wedge"
Larry and the Loafers - "Lets Go To The Beach"
The Starliners - "Thunder"
The Ramrods - "Night Ride"
Buddy & the Squids - "Perlita"
Gold Dust Lounge - "Adventures In Tourism"
Daikaiju - "Double Fist Attack"

Banzai Bay - "Ishigaki Island"
The High Fidelics - "Mondo Rondo"
Dick Dale - "Esperanza"
Buddy & the Squids - "Low Tide"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.

Episode 15: Bruce Lamb (Rondo Hatton) interview

Episode 15 features an interview with Bruce Lamb of Rondo Hatton.

Track list:
Genki Genki Panic - "Soul Crusher"
Gemini 13 - "Tijuana Spygame"
The Baffles - "Braindead"
Agent Octopus - "Spacewalk"
The Madeira - "Farthest Shore"
The Madeira - "Down In Cadiz"
The Woggles - "Valleri"
The Jive-A-Tones - "Wild Bird"
The Tarantulas - "Bullrushes"
The Boss Jaguars! - "Rustbucket"
Rondo Hatton - "Riding The Coffin"
Rondo Hatton - "Saguaro"
Southern Ska Syndicate - "Take It Easy"
Bert Wills - "Big Wong"
Reverb Galaxy - "In The Shadows' Shadow"
The Reverburritos - "Martini Sunset"
The Man From RavCon - "The Passenger"
Kenosha Kid - "Vanishing Point"
The Sandblasters - "Submersionary"
The Doke Ohms - "La Luna De Miel"
Ruthie and the Wranglers - "Surftango"
Apache 65 - "Lazy-Eyed Stranger"

Rondo Hatton - "Tu Besitos (Acoustic)"
Rondo Hatton - "La Bikina (Acoustic)"
The Boss Jaguars! - "Dangerous Waves"
Southern Ska Syndicate - "Swing Easy"
Reverb Galaxy - "Blue Sunset"
The Man From RavCon - "The Station"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.

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