Episode 10: Drew De Lutio (The Revomatics) interview

Episode 10 features an interview with Drew De Lutio of The Revomatics.

Track list:
The Avocados - "Not Dreamin"
Buddy & The Squids - "Shippin' Out"
King Pelican - "Matador Surfer"
The Mutations - "Island Home"
The Mutations - "Wonder What It's Like"
Rondo Hatton - "O.K. Boys, Let's Get Western"
Teisco Del Rey - "Los Surf"
Cigar Store Indians - "El Baile De La Cobra"
Chet Atkins - "Walk Don't Run"
The Revomatics - "Seven Ways From Sundown"
The Revomatics - "That Sand Is A Man!"
The Compartmentalizationalists - "Blurry Eyes"
Flat Duo Jets - "Southern Drums"
Famous Monsters - "The Reluctant Ghoul"
The Intoxicators! - "Mach Schnell Meine Kleine Buzzbomb"
The Slackmates - "Sutra Vortex Factor"
The Mag Seven - "This Being Milt"
Crispy Bess - "Ormondium"
Johnny And The Shamen - "Mr. Hide"
Servotron - "Theme For An Ultimate And Inevitable Victory"

The Mutations - "Once Upon A Time At The Beach"
Rondo Hatton - "Juliana"
Teisco Del Rey - "Teisco Redentor"
The Revomatics - "Toussaint Overture"
Flat Duo Jets - "California Luau"
Johnny And The Shamen - "Spy's Night Out"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.

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