Episode 14: Halloween special, Noah Holt (The KBK) interview

Episode 14 features spooky Southern surf hits as well as an interview with Noah Holt of The KBK (formerly Kill, Baby...Kill!).

Track list:
"The Horror of Party Beach Trailer"
Ghost Coast - "Katharine's Theme"
The Del-Vipers - "Mortuary Cosmetics"
Crispy Bess - "Ormondium (Scooby-Doo Mix)"
Eddie Angel - "Beyond Zone X"
The Nematoads - "Death Garage"
Southern Culture On The Skids - "Zombified"
Famous Monsters - "The Haunting Of Planet Earth"
Daikaiju - "The Phasing Spider Menace"
The Swiv-O-Matics - "Boris The Spider"
The KBK (Kill, Baby...Kill!) - "Stop Off In Ridgeview"
The KBK (Kill, Baby...Kill!) - "Corridor X"
Fiend Without A Face - "Cha-Cha"
The Slickee Boys - "The Crawling Hand"
Aqualads - "El Spectre"
Genki Genki Panic - "The Spectrophiliac"
The Sums - "The Mummies"
Atomic Mosquitos - "The Bloodening"
Los Straitjackets - "All Back To Drac's"
Teisco Del Rey - "Werewolf"
Bobby Fuller Four - "Wolfman"
Molly Maguires - "Tombsurfin'"
Man Or Astro-Man? - "Surf Terror"

The Man From RavCon - "The Portrait"
Brad Mattocks and Chad Shivers - "atmosphere 1a"
Brad Mattocks and Chad Shivers - "Option 3 bass"
Brad Mattocks and Chad Shivers - "atmosphere 3"
Brad Mattocks and Chad Shivers - "atmosphere 2 (with bass)"
Brad Mattocks and Chad Shivers - "atmosphere 4"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.

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