Episode 16: “In The Style Of” with DJ Aqualadius

And now for something completely different!  Join DJ Aqualadius for his maiden Stompcast as he explores classic surf music and its tendency to 'borrow' elements from other artists.

Dick Dale - "Misirlou"
The Original Surfaris - "Exotic"
The Lively Ones - "High Tide"
The Madeira - "Wreak Havoc"
The Chantays - "Pipeline"
The Road Runners - "Road Runnah"
The Pyramids - "Penetration"
Les Talismans - "L'interplanetaire"
The Avantis - "Gypsy Surfer"
The Fireballs - "Bulldog"
The Revels - "Church Key"
The Challengers - "Tidal Wave"
Sandy Nelson - "Casbah"
Dave & the Customs - "Ali Baba"
The Tornadoes - "Telstar"
Kai Winding - "More (Theme From Mondo Cane)"

Intro, outro, and incidental music:
Jeremy DeHart - "Catch On"

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