Episode 6: Jeff Senn (of Crazy Aces) interview

Episode 6 features an interview with Jeff Senn of Crazy Aces.

The Spoils - "A Test Of Character"
The Flying Faders - "Kathy"
The Flying Faders - "One Too Many"
Vacations - "Off The Grid"
The Woggles - "Los Angeles No Niseimaturi"
The Squares - "Untitled 4"
Fez - "World Domination On 3 Dollars A Day"
Crazy Aces - "Boogie Bored"
Crazy Aces - "Busted & Broken"
El Capitan & The Band With No Name - "The Man With No Name"
The Carvers - "Over The Falls"
Reverend Organdrum - "Moovin' & Groovin'"
The Martian Denny Orchestra - "The Warmth Of The Sun"
The Mag Seven - "Lahaina"
Thee Phantom 5ive - "Bustin' Suds"
The Ramrods - "Slee-zee"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.

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